About Us

Orchid Cuisine is a catering service business who is prioritizing healthy food products and it is under the auspices of PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan which is one of the subsidiaries of IPC Group that is managed by LA’RIZ Hotels and Resorts Management.
A professional company that is run by culinary proficient in Hotel, Restaurant and Catering business in Indonesia, supported by professional Chefs who are reliable in their field.

Orchid Delivery

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Orchid Cuisine

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Becoming a big catering company with healthy food products orientation and customer satisfactions.

Our Mission

  • Provides healthy foods with excellence taste through professional and experience chef·
  • Provides priority to quality, healthy, clean and halal products with reasonable price for customer satisfaction·
  • Provides a flexible price and place.
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Orchid Cuisine

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